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Hire A Wedding Planner And Save Money

As your wedding planner we will negotiate on your behalf.  we save you money in all sorts of areas, and at the same time deliver exceptional quality and attention to detail

How can a wedding planner save you this money?

In almost every aspect of planning a wedding there seems to be hidden charges and costs.   Example – Venues especially will try and double charge you an administration fee for bringing in your own band or DJ.  As your wedding planner we will properly negotiate for you, ensuring such fees are normally waived.

Overall, in nearly all cases, we have directly saved the couple more than my fee

We can do this because we are totally transparent.  

We don’t handle your money

It is about the only thing we ask you to do.  We negotiate for you, and then tell you who needs paying, and when.  You can directly see who and what you are paying for.

Our criteria for sourcing you a supplier is quality, talent, reliability, creativity and honesty.  Most of the time, the very best people, also offer the best prices.  They do take some finding, but we do find them

want to speak to a wedding planner and find out more

Just call me –  Mika on 0813.6151.4993 or Nadia on 0812.6030.1472 – it will be the easiest and best phone call you can make about your wedding

Kanye: I’m sorry Kelly Clarkson, but I’m going to have the best wedding of all-time

Bryce Christian

Kanye is at it again, sort of.


Just hours after the entertainment world was enchanted by Kelly Clarkson and beau Brandon Blackstock’s magical Smoky Mountains wedding announcement, the “Yeezus” rapper proposed to girlfriend Kim Kardashian. I could only hear one thing in my mind after the news broke, a spin on his classic Taylor Swift diss at the MTV VMAs:

“I’m sorry, Kelly, but Kim and I are going to have one of the best weddings of all-time.”

Kanye popped the question in front of family and friends while celebrating Kim’s 33rd birthday at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, according to E! News.

Can we just take a moment to grasp how massive this wedding is going to be? I hear he is going to walk down the aisle while Kim awaits at the altar. He will also officiate the ceremony; shouldn’t be hard since he and Jesus are bffs (the…

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Pleeease Marry Meee!!!

Oldgloryservices's Blog

Pleeease Marry Meee!!!

Fellas, don’t do this. Please. For the love of God.

People who purposely misspell words used in their marriage proposals don’t deserve to live happily ever after.

If there’s ONE time you want to get it right, it’s when you’re proposing marriage.



The horror! The horror!

I’d rather marry a man who didn’t floss once a day. And oral hygiene is important!

#West #Kardashian

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